Sex-Positive Coaching

Two students embracing in front of the Chi Omega fountain on KU campus

Sex or relationship questions?

A free 45-minute coaching session is a chance for KU students to meet with a sexual health educator. You can ask questions about sexual health and sexuality so you can make informed decisions when making changes to your lifestyle or sex life. Partners are welcome. For questions, email Rachel Teague at

Topics can include:

  • Pleasure
  • STI Concerns
  • Birth Control Education
  • Family Planning Education
  • First Sexual Experiences/Debuts
  • Relationships and Communication
  • LGBTQIA+ Sexual Health Concerns
  • Gender Affirming Health Education
  • Dating/Flirting
  • Pregnancy/Doula/Postpartum
  • Ethical Polyamory
  • PrEP/PEP Education
  • Other Sex/Sexuality Concerns
  • Referrals
61% of KU students report having only 1 sexual partner within the last 12 months