Student holding a sign that reads Tobacco Free because...It hurts my body and my wallet

Tobacco Free Policy

Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes or any future product that simulates or approximates tobacco use or smoking, and tobacco use are not permitted on the Lawrence or Edwards campuses, all other university sites reporting to the Lawrence campus, and at the facilities of Student Housing, the Kansas and Burge Unions, Athletics, and the KU Center for Research, Inc. (KUCR).

The University of Kansas, along with universities nationwide, promotes a respectful, healthy, environmentally sustainable, and clean environment by being tobacco-free.

The success of this policy relies on the thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation of each individual. All members of the university community share the responsibility of adhering to and enforcing the policy and have the responsibility for bringing it to the attention of visitors. All students, faculty, staff, vendors, volunteers, and visitors are expected to cooperate with this policy.  Individuals are encouraged and empowered to respectfully inform others about the policy in an ongoing effort to support a tobacco-free environment, improve individual health and encourage a culture of respectful cooperation. 

Questions about the Tobacco Free Campus?