A HERO employee giving a presentation on stage in the Kansas Union to a large group of student athletes.

Presentations & Outreach

We offer presentations on various health topics. Most presentations are 45-60 minutes. HERO staff give presentations on campus in A/V capable rooms. Once you make your request for a presentation you can expect a HERO staff member to work through logistical details.

Not sure what kind of education you and your group need? Here are some suggestions:

  • Alcohol – BAC, alcohol poisoning, harm reduction strategies, etc.
  • Sexual Health – STIs, contraception, sex positivity
  • Self-management – stress reduction, healthful coping mechanisms
  • Nutrition – fueling for academic success, eating on a budget
  • Drugs – tobacco, cannabis or others

Not seeing your topic? Or do you have a specific idea? Let us know and we can curate a presentation just for you and your group.

Request a Presentation

Contact HERO at least two weeks in advance to request a presentation to ensure availability of a health educator. This will also allow time to customize presentations for your specific needs.