A container on the wall of a campus restroom containing tampons and maxipadss

PERIOD - Free Menstrual Product Program

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What is PERIOD?

Period was a student passion project brought to life by Student Affairs. Its purpose is to provide free menstrual products.

A national survey commissioned by Free The Tampons in 2013 revealed that 86% of menstruators (ages 18-54) started their period unexpectedly in public without the supplies they need. The way they have dealt with the onset of an unexpected period varied, but it remains clear that the resolution was oftentimes interruptive of their day with 79% improvising or “MacGyvering” a tampon or pad out of toilet paper or something else, 62% going to a store immediately to buy supplies, 53% asking another person for supplies, 48% obtaining supplies from a dispenser in a public restroom and 34% going home immediately to get supplies.

In order to create a more equitable learning environment and negate the potential for menstruation to interrupt learning, working and living authentically, there are free menstrual supplies in the following buildings and restrooms across campus. 

Table last updated March 26, 2024.

Menstrual supplies available in KU buildings
BuildingFloorRoom #Designation
Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center1st Female (F)
Ambler Student Recreation Fitness CenterLower LevelSingle-Use Locker RoomGender Neutral (GN)
Anschutz Library3rd  Female (F)
Anschutz Library2nd  Gender Neutral (GN)
Anschutz Library2nd  Gender Neutral (GN)
Burge Union1st Gender Neutral (GN)
Burge Union1st Female (F)
Capitol Federal Hall1st1111Female (F)
Capitol Federal Hall1st Privacy Restroom
Chalmers Hall3rd303Female (F)
Chalmers Hall4th429Gender Neutral (GN)
DeBruce CenterGround Gender Neutral (GN)
DeBruce CenterGround Female (F)
Fraser Hall1st126Female (F)
Fraser Hall1st Male (M)
Fraser Hall3rd326BGender Neutral (GN)
Green Hall1st Female (F)
Green Hall1st256Gender Neutral (GN)
Haworth Hall1st1017Female (F)
Haworth Hall1st1019Male (M)
JRP2nd Female (F)
JRP2nd Male (M)
Kansas Union4th422Gender Neutral (GN)
Kansas Union4th Female (F)
Kansas Union4th Male (M)
Kansas Union1st Female (F)
Kansas Union1st Male (M)
LEEP 21st Female (F)
LEEP 21st Gender Neutral (GN)
Learned Hall1st1141Female
 ̶L̶i̶n̶d̶l̶e̶y̶ ̶H̶a̶l̶l̶  currently unavailable3rd306Female (F)
 ̶L̶i̶n̶d̶l̶e̶y̶ ̶H̶a̶l̶l̶  currently unavailable4th406Male (M)
Malott Hall2nd2051Female (F)
Malott Hall2nd2053Male (M)
Malott Hall5th5013Gender Neutral (GN)
Murphy Hall1st108Female (F)
Murphy Hall1st107Male (M)
Sabatini Multicultural Resource CenterMain Female (F)
Sabatini Multicultural Resource CenterMain Male (M)
School of Pharmacy2nd Family Restroom
School of Pharmacy1st Female (F)
Strong HallGarden Female (F)
Strong Hall1stWest WingFemale (F)
Summerfield Hall1st Gender Neutral (GN)
Summerfield Hall1st Female (F)
Summerfield Hall3rd338Female (F)
Watkins Memorial Health Center1st1615Gender Neutral (GN)
Watkins Memorial Health Center1st1211Female (F)
Watkins Memorial Health Center2nd Female (F)
Watson Library3rd Gender Neutral (GN)
Watson Library3rd Female (F)
Wescoe Hall3rd3522Gender Neutral (GN)
Wescoe Hall3rd3523Gender Neutral (GN)
Wescoe Hall4thEast WingFemale (F)
Wescoe Hall4thEast WingMale (M)


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